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Greetings readers,

My name is Saneea. I am the owner, creator, writer and editor of this blog. I am from Pakistan, lived my whole life in Saudi Arabia and now living in USA with my husband.

Multicultural Edit is a lifestyle blog. This blog is a platform where I’ll be sharing posts related to Food, Home Decor, Makeup Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Travel, life experiences and some more fun stuff with like-minded people around the world

I am not a professional writer, hence you’re most welcome to highlight any mistakes but in a nice way. Also, constructive criticism is always welcome.

Hope you guys enjoy your stay here.



Why Multicultural Edit?

I know many of you would be thinking about the name of this blog. Trust me, coming up with a name for the blog wasn’t easy. I wanted to come up with a name that basically depicts me. Yes, I know, my name would have been a perfect choice for that purpose. But I wasn’t satisfied. There were many names that were thought and considered, however nothing seemed that wowing.  Also, most of the names weren’t easily available as domains with the ‘.com’ extension.

Then, one night when I was tossing and turning in my bed, the name Multicultural Edit came to my mind. I shared it with my best friend and we both loved it. Henceforth, I named the blog Multicultural Edit.

There are two reasons for choosing this name:

  1. Coming from a South Asian background and living my whole life in Middle East, My lifestyle is a blend of both the cultures and currently in the process of learning about the American culture. Hence the name fits perfectly.
  2.  After coming up with the name and the meaning behind it, I realized that the abbreviation of Multicultural Edit is ME. Which I thought is perfect, as the blog basically represents Me, Myself & I (not trying to sound like a narcissist).

Also, the domain name was available. Hence for all the above reasons, I think that Multicultural Edit is a perfect name for the blog. 🙂